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Our beans are sourced from the world's finest coffee-growing regions, ensuring a journey of flavors that tantalize your taste buds.

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We Care.

At Naive we buy our produce directly from the farmer and even see their growing and harvesting methods first hand.

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a great coffee is all about balance, between aspects of acidity, bitterness and the quality of the milk.

Know your coffee!


A great coffee is a rich, healthy crema colour. If the coffee is pale or unpleasantly brown, it has been under or over-extracted. The milk should be smooth and silky, with no visible bubbles.


Your coffee should have a light, floral aroma in addition to the usual smell of espresso. You should not smell any burning, as this would mean your milk has been steamed for too long. Also, a strong acidic smell emanating from your coffee may reflect a poor extraction.


In broad terms, your coffee should taste balanced. A great coffee walks the line between acidity and bitterness. Aftertaste is also crucial, as a poorly made coffee can have a strong acidic or bitter aftertaste beyond the initial sip.


Feel, and specifically mouth-feel, is a crucial aspect in enjoying your coffee. Your coffee should be smooth and velvety, with a thickness slightly more than water, but not so thick that it is difficult to drink.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Simon Odinsson
in the last week

Best coffee shop around. Coffee is superb, food fresh and the staff attentive and fast service. A+++ for me

Marc McCay
in the last week

Excellent! What a find. Such friendly staff, that makes it special. Welcoming. Beautiful decor. And for once a really good flat white. Size, perfect temperature. Taste. Had a pastel de nata which I have never had outside of Portugal. Which was superb. Thank you 🙏🏽

emma ralley
in the last week

Best coffee in London, very friendly staff