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Urban Village LDN JAN 2021

Naive is the latest addition to Fulham’s amazingly diverse selection of coffee shops. The team behind this independent local artisan café opened their first branch on Parsons Green Lane mid December; additional branches opening soon in Hammersmith and Chelsea. Naive stores provide organic and responsibly sourced coffee, tea and food. Their high quality coffee blends are made from small batches of beans bought at a fair trade price from all over the world through a microlot farming system. For those who don’t know, we didn’t, Microlots are special lots of coffee, selected for their high quality and unique flavour profiles, grown on farms/estates in limited quantities and picked and processed separately. All Naive food is 100% organic and supplied by local farms which grow and offer seasonal fruit, vegetables and more.


London’s Top-Rated Coffee Shops Near the Tube Stations

Officeology Oct 2021

As more and more people are commuting into London again with offices reopening their doors, we thought it was an ideal time to look into the best places to buy your coffee on your morning commute. At Officeology, we looked at the highest-rated coffee shops within a radius of ½ mile, approximately  10-15 minutes walking distance, from each tube station. We also looked at which of the highest-rated coffee shops sells the cheapest latte!


This map shows you the best-value independent coffee at every stop on the tube

TimeOut September 2021

All that strap-hanging and platform-shuffling can take a terrible toll on you, something a lot of us have also probably forgotten about. There’s an answer, though: COFFEE. Simple as that. Just refuel every hour or so and by the end of the day you’ll be a twitchy paranoid creep, but not nearly as fatigued as if you’d tried to do a whole day in London unmedicated.


New London Underground map shows the cheapest and best independent coffee shop at every stop

MyLondon Oct 2021

With some offices re-opening their doors, many of us will be looking to get our coffee fix to get us going before the daily grind starts.

From silky-smooth hipster brews to the best Italian espresso, London has a huge range of coffee shops, however many independent coffee shops are struggling after the pandemic and need support.

Officeology looked at the highest-rated coffee shops, based on Google Reviews, within a radius of half a mile from every Tube stop, and then manually searched the cost of their largest latte, to find out who sells the cheapest cup.


New lights set to make H&F dazzle in Christmas cheer H&F 25 November 2021

The event has become an annual tradition thanks to local businesses including Mr. Resistor, who supply the lights free of charge, and local neighbourhood cafe Naive who recently celebrated its one-year anniversary in Fulham.

Naive founder Mustafa Kondoz said: “Community is about feeling connected and involved. Sponsoring the switching on of the lights on the green is doing something together – which is what makes belonging to our community matter.”


Art auction to raise funds for Fulham schools: 8 October (7-11 pm)

Urban Village LDN October 2021

The iconic artwork is the result of a one-off collaboration with the celebrated artist Metin Salih; whose work ranges from celebrated images of Hollywood stars to official Star Wars posters and Kellogg’s cereal packets.

Salih, 59, is a regular visitor to the Naïve coffee company in Parsons Green. The business was launched by his close friends, brother and sister Mustafa and Fatma Kondoz, in December last year during the height of lockdown. The art auction, which will take place on October 8 at St Dionis Church, Parsons Green, from 6.30pm, is the brainchild of the Kondoz’s who want to give something back to a community which they say has supported them wholeheartedly. They are also being supported by design and build firm Pascal Huser and boutique fitness studio Transition Zone.